Total and Complete Fail!

Last night was a total and complete fail in my attempt to make a spinach and chicken dish.  First, the chicken did not cook as quickly as the recipe called for….this was partly my fault since the chicken breasts were very thick…after trying to cook them on the stove top for 40 minutes I gave up.  They never reached a temperature above 145 degrees.  I did have them cut in thirds before I started, but that did not help!  Second, I learned something very important…no one in my family likes cooked spinach…maybe I cooked it too long, but I couldn’t even stomach the thought of putting that limp, slimy green stuff in my mouth.  The dish smelled amazing though.  I’m going to try to modify the recipe a bit to make it more appetizing and user friendly.  Once I have perfected it, then I will post it here.

I would like to use spinach more in my cooking and recipes because it is a great source of vitamin A and vitamin C. Anyone have suggestions on how to make cooked spinach?

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